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My Style Bell


My name is Naya, and I have two cute little twin daughters, When I was pregnant, my friend told me that parenting is not an easy job. But it is a wonderful feeling. When these angels come into my life, it was the best days of my life.

I always wanted my daughter to look good, and I love dressing them up. We were about to celebrate their 4th birthday, and I was sluggish. I was not sure about how to make my daughters look different yet beautiful on their birthday. I realized that from the start, I knew that parenting is risky, but still, we entered the battlefield because that battle was worth fighting for, it is dangerous, but it is beautiful full of emotions.

They were twins, but they both had different taste in everything, whether it’s related to food, destination, hobbies, etc. and when I asked what they want for their birthday one of my daughters said she wants to apply minimal makeup on her but refused to do so because in that age the skin is very pure and clean and makeup products might harm them.


I decided that I won’t apply any chemicals on my daughter’s skin because I have seen my skin getting damaged, and I don’t want them to hate their skin like I do something my mother didn’t ask me to learn in my early age.

I asked them to come with me to the makeup and hairstyle in San Bernardino only for hairstyling. I thought why not give them special treatment on their birthday. They agreed to it, and I was looking for the best hairstylists in San Bernardino who are experts not only in adult’s hairstyling but also kid’s hair styling. I have seen many hairstylists doing a tremendous job on adult hair, but their experience on kids was horrible. And I didn’t want to ruin my daughter’s birthday.

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